Founder - Lance Rosenberg is a passionate public speaker, successful entrepreneur, custom homebuilder, and real estate developer. He is passionate about making a difference in the world, whether small or large. This goes for building homes designed to bring families closer together to supporting charities in need. His personal goal is to serve others while bringing more love into the world. This desire and his marriage to co-founder Kailen Rosenberg were the driving forces behind the love radar concept.

Co – Founder Kailen Rosenberg is a celebrity relationship expert and matchmaker, President and founder of the nationally renowned elite matchmaking firm ‘The Love Architects’ and author of the book, Real Love, Right Now (Howard Books, Simon & Schuster). Kailen was co-host of the groundbreaking show Lovetown, USA on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. A former model, Kailen first launched a self-image consulting business in 1993 after watching other models struggle with true self-worth. She developed that business after 17 years into The Love Architects, which redesigns clients’ lives from the inside out. This helps them achieve personal awareness and growth, a necessary but often missed step to finding their soul mates and entering into healthy, long-lasting marriages. Kailen has worked with successful celebrities, executives, world-renowned doctors, and Olympic athletes, has successfully matched thousands of couples, and notched more than three hundred marriages (with just one divorce!). She has participated in more than one hundred print, online, radio, and television interviews with media ranging from Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire magazines to CBS Radio, Public Radio East, The Huffington Post, the Today show, Good Morning America, and CNN. Her true passion has always been to make a positive difference in this crazy world when it comes to love, and so far, she seems to be doing just that!

“My personal wish is for the love radar to help people see in real time the personal effect we all have on this world via both love and hate. I hope they will therefore choose love. If they can actually see love happening and the impact it makes, then they will be inspired to create more love. We need a new social consciousness, a community to promote love, a love army that will change the world for the better. We hope you join this movement – the World Love Chain – and be a part of the love solution revolution.”

– Founder Lance Rosenberg