About The Love Radar

TheLoveRadar.com was developed to bring a higher level of awareness to the power of love. From the beginning of time, love’s energy has too often been overshadowed by hate. Since the introduction of the Internet, through technology, love and hate are battling on a whole new level. Online bullying, hate, and negativity, fuel the emotions that escalate real life violence, and war.

The goal of The Love Radar, is to make people aware, to understand that thoughts, tweets and any other form of communication via social media, have an impact on our global consciousness, the over-all wellbeing of our planet. By tracking love and hate via twitter, we get an in the moment read of our social consciousness, of our planet, country, the city we live in. As global and national events happen, see how each of our reactions create different levels of energy, both love and hate, witnessed live, through the Love Radar.

The World Love Chain is a powerful grassroots movement on love. It is a love community, a voice to bring a higher level of awareness to the power of love. Join with a personal pledge to choose love over hate, by simply pledging your oath through a positive tweet. Each pledge will inspire others who want to make this world a loving place, building a dynamic community that spreads love to a world that is in desperate need. As other communities unite, the power of love transcends throughout the world, and a movement of love is born. When hate, violence or catastrophe strike, the World Love Chain will spring into action.

As a member of The Love Radar and The World Love Chain, you will receive daily updates keeping you connected to this dynamic solution focussed community. With your pledge, you now become part of the solution, a social movement focused on healing and love for this world through the energy and awareness of love.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is behind this site?
    The Love Radar was founded by Lance and Kailen Rosenberg.
    Developed by Secret Cow Level. Design by Dog Dive Creative.
  • How is data collected?
    The Love Radar monitors Twitter in real time and analyzes tweets based on geo-location and content using an always-evolving proprietary algorithm to determine their "love" and "hate" levels. The Love Radar monitors twitter throughout the day and analyzes tweets to decide their "love" and "hate" score. This info is projected on the map by a heart icon representing the approximate score. Clicking on a city will show more detailed statistics.
  • When are the stats updated?
    The stats are processed hourly throughout the day, updating the statistics and visual hearts as more daily data is collected. The data starts over with a fresh sample-size around 2am PST every night.