THE LOVE RADAR™ tracks the energy of love & hate via twitter, in real time! Our objective is to demonstrate and inspire the power of love through social media. Join the #worldlovechain movement below.

Pledge to help raise awareness of online bullying, hate and negativity, while spreading love’s energy. Be part of the solution. Join the World Love Chain today with a tweet by clicking the button.

How It Works

Join with a positive tweet

To join this social movement focused on love, just post a positive tweet with the hashtag #WORLDLOVECHAIN. Don't forget to follow @theloveradar for updates about The Love Radar!

Your friends join the chain

Help inspire your friends and followers to join the #WORLDLOVECHAIN to create a dynamic community spreading love to a world in desperate need of it.

Together, we change the world

When hate, violence or catastrophe strike, the World Love Chain springs into action. Stay tuned. And thanks for joining this loving mission.

Our Twitter Open

@TheLoveRadar 8/20/2018 - The top 2 cities for #love #today are Sioux Falls, SD and Fargo, ND. #worldlovechain
@TheLoveRadar 8/19/2018 - The top 2 cities for #love #today are Augusta, ME and Salt Lake City, UT. #worldlovechain
@TheLoveRadar 8/18/2018 - The top 2 cities for #love #today are Cheyenne, WY and Des Moines, IA. #worldlovechain

Featured Author

The Love Radar™ co-founder Kailen Rosenberg is a Love Ambassador for the Oprah Winfrey Network and is one of the most sought after Love Architects and relationship experts in the world.

Kailen's book Real Love, Right Now is on Amazon.